CashSender Founder's Welcome Page

Henry Tenby, CashSender founder
Thank you for checking out this page. I'm pleased you're taking the time to meet me so I can explain why I decided to launch CashSender.

Perhaps you're self-employed or have a business on the side that you're nurturing, and I'm guessing your hobby or business involves sending or receiving online payments.

In 1999, I became self-employed and launched a few specialized aviation hobby websites.

My main online business is an auction website for 35mm aircraft slides, which is used by 1200 international aviation slide collectors. Aviation slides typically sell in the $3 to $5 range and my slide sellers were complaining that PayPal's fees were eating too large a portion of their sales revenues.

For example, to receive a $3 payment via PayPal, by the time the seller pays a 2.9% transaction fee plus the 30 cents fixed-price fee component, it was adding up to 39 cents, which is 13% of the payment total.

To compound the problem, if the payment is in a foreign currency (non USD), or crosses the US border, or is between people residing in countries outside of the US, or is a business payment, these extra factors push PayPal's fee up another few percent.

Given my experience in building and operating a successful niche auction website, I set out to build an online person-to-person payment website that would provide great value and usefulness to people like you.

My primary goal in building the CashSender payment site was to offer the lowest possible payment fees of any international person-to-person payment site. CashSender was formally launched in April, 2010.

Buyers, when you send online payments, our new 2% cash back program will actually refund money back to you with every payment you send. I believe we're the first and only online payment service to offer a cash
back program

Sellers, when you receive online payments, CashSender will save you a minimum of 30 cents per transaction, because we don't charge a 30 cent fixed-price fee component. All you'll ever pay is 2.9% of the payment value (with no minimum). Other payment services charge extra fees for foreign currency, cross border and business payments, which can add another 2-3% to their fee. CashSender does not charge any of these extra fees.

Of course online security is extremely important. We've incorporated additional security features that none of our payment site competitors offer.

In closing, I personally welcome you to the site. I believe we can definitely save you money whether you send or receive online payments. And, I encourage you to tell your friends and colleagues to join CashSender using our affiliate program.

You're invited to join my blog where you can ask me questions, which I'll personally
answer at my earliest opportunity.

As founder of CashSender, I thank you for your support.

Henry Tenby

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