Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Payment feedback system ... a great feature for sending or receiving money online

When using an online payment system to accept or send an online payment, we thought it would be a good idea to be able to leave positive, neutral or negative feedback on the payment transaction, along with comments on the transaction.

So we decided to built this utility right into the CashSender website.

Therefore, the CashSender system allows both sides of a payment transaction to leave the other party feedback on their respective payment transactions.

These feedbacks become a visible part of CashSender members' profile, and we believe this adds an extra level of security that many other online payment websites have not adequately addressed.

When you enter an email address of someone you want to send a payment to using CashSender, our system will present their full feedback profile to you on the payment preview page. Beside the payment receiver's name you'll see a number in brackets like this ..

John Smith (122)

If you click the 122 a page will open showing the full details of John Smith's feedback report. By viewing the feeback report it will give you confidence in knowing that John Smith is a reputable seller and it is safe to continue in sending your payment.

Online security is not a matter that we take lightly at CashSender. And we believe our robust payment feedback system gives you the extra security you might like to have in conducting your online transaction.

Henry Tenby

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to search blogger blogs for people with similar interests to follow their posts and share links etc

I must have spent at least ten hours searching for a method to search blogs to find other bloggers with common interest to my interest in helping people save money.

The problem is the blogger does not provide any means to allow people to search their system for other blogs, except the extremely limited next blog link in the tool bar.

I searched google and yahoo high and low looking for a method, and it was by random chance that I found a solution.

Someone post the html source code for the following blogger search utility on their website .. and here it is:

Give it a try and you'll see it actually works!

I am hoping that I connect with other bloggers who want to help people with money saving ideas, as I'd like to share the website with them, as it is the only online payment website that offers money back with every payment sent.

Henry Tenby,

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's official: US residents can now fund their CashSender accounts direct from their bank accounts

It did take us quite some time to set up, but it is now official.

CashSender members resident in the United States can now electronically fund their CashSender accounts direct from their US bank accounts.

All you have to do is add your bank account details to your CashSender account, and we'll send a small micro payment to your bank account.

Just view your bank statement to find out the exact amount we sent you, and then confirm the amount within your CashSender account. And presto, you'll have successfully linked your bank account to your CashSender account.

That means you upload funds direct from your bank account to your CashSender account, as well as withdraw your funds from your CashSender account back to your bank account, all electronically.

Henry Tenby

Friday, June 11, 2010

Download the new CashSender tool bar

You can access your CashSender account with the click of a button with the new CashSender tool bar which you can download here:

The CashSender tool bar also comes with many other tools including an advanced email notifier that you can hook up to all your email accounts, and it will notify you when you have a new email.

The CashSender tool bar is powered by a company called Conduit. It's kind of interesting how I found out about this company.

Always looking for avenues to promote CashSender to new users, I did a search for a list of the largest internet websites by traffic. And on one of the lists Conduit was listed in the top 20.

I had never heard of this company so I checked them out, and their forte is helping websites build brand, reach, awareness, and customer base by enabling users to build custom tool bars and apps, which are promoted within their community of 100M users. All for free. So if you have a website, they can also probably help you out too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010 Founder's website welcome message

I'm pleased you're taking the time to view this blog post so you can meet me and I can explain why I decided to launch CashSender.

Perhaps you're self-employed or have a business on the side that you're nurturing, and I'm guessing your hobby or business involves sending or receiving online payments.

In 1999, I became self-employed and launched a few specialized aviation hobby websites.

My main online business is an auction website for 35mm aircraft slides, which is used by 1200 international aviation slide collectors. Aviation slides typically sell in the $3 to $5 range and my slide sellers were complaining that PayPal's fees were eating too large a portion of their sales revenues.

For example, to receive a $3 payment via PayPal, by the time the seller pays a 2.9% transaction fee plus the 30 cents fixed-price fee component, it was adding up to 39 cents, which is 13% of the payment total.

To compound the problem, if the payment is in a foreign currency (non USD), or crosses the US border, or is between people residing in countries outside of the US, or is a business payment, these extra factors push PayPal's fee up another few percent.

Given my experience in building and operating a successful niche auction website, I set out to build an online person-to-person payment website that would provide great value and usefulness to people like you.

My primary goal in building the CashSender payment site was to offer the lowest possible payment fees of any international person-to-person payment site. CashSender was formally launched in April, 2010.

Buyers, when you send online payments, our new 2% cash back program will actually refund money back to you with every payment you send. I believe we're the first and only online payment service to offer a cash back program.

Sellers, when you receive online payments, CashSender will save you a minimum of 30 cents per transaction, because we don't charge a 30 cent fixed-price fee component. All you'll ever pay is 2.9% of the payment value (with no minimum). Other payment services charge extra fees for foreign currency, cross border and business payments, which can add another 2-3% to their fee. CashSender does not charge any of these extra fees.

Of course online security is extremely important. We've incorporated additional security features that none of our payment site competitors offer.

In closing, I personally welcome you to the site. I believe we can definitely save you money whether you send or receive online payments. And, I encourage you to tell your friends and colleagues to join CashSender.

You're invited to join my blog where you can ask me questions, which I'll personally answer at my earliest opportunity.

As founder of CashSender, I thank you for your support.

Henry Tenby

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2% cash back payment program announced

We've just put out a press release announcing CashSender's new 2% cash back payment program:

For buyers, when you send online payments, our new 2% cash back program will actually refund money back to you with every payment you send.

See here for full program details: