Friday, June 11, 2010

Download the new CashSender tool bar

You can access your CashSender account with the click of a button with the new CashSender tool bar which you can download here:

The CashSender tool bar also comes with many other tools including an advanced email notifier that you can hook up to all your email accounts, and it will notify you when you have a new email.

The CashSender tool bar is powered by a company called Conduit. It's kind of interesting how I found out about this company.

Always looking for avenues to promote CashSender to new users, I did a search for a list of the largest internet websites by traffic. And on one of the lists Conduit was listed in the top 20.

I had never heard of this company so I checked them out, and their forte is helping websites build brand, reach, awareness, and customer base by enabling users to build custom tool bars and apps, which are promoted within their community of 100M users. All for free. So if you have a website, they can also probably help you out too.

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