Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Payment feedback system ... a great feature for sending or receiving money online

When using an online payment system to accept or send an online payment, we thought it would be a good idea to be able to leave positive, neutral or negative feedback on the payment transaction, along with comments on the transaction.

So we decided to built this utility right into the CashSender website.

Therefore, the CashSender system allows both sides of a payment transaction to leave the other party feedback on their respective payment transactions.

These feedbacks become a visible part of CashSender members' profile, and we believe this adds an extra level of security that many other online payment websites have not adequately addressed.

When you enter an email address of someone you want to send a payment to using CashSender, our system will present their full feedback profile to you on the payment preview page. Beside the payment receiver's name you'll see a number in brackets like this ..

John Smith (122)

If you click the 122 a page will open showing the full details of John Smith's feedback report. By viewing the feeback report it will give you confidence in knowing that John Smith is a reputable seller and it is safe to continue in sending your payment.

Online security is not a matter that we take lightly at CashSender. And we believe our robust payment feedback system gives you the extra security you might like to have in conducting your online transaction.

Henry Tenby

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