Monday, September 27, 2010

CashSender launches new IPN and Integration Center

We've just launched our new Integration and Developers Center:

We now provide online sellers with a host of extensive tools to process low cost payments and save hundreds of dollars per year in fees.

Our new Developers Integration Center puts us on the same level as our competitor in that website owners in the US, Canada, and Europe can use and customize our payment system to meet user-specific online payment processing needs.

The Instant Payment Notification (IPN) allows for user-defined payment instructions to be sent from CashSender to users’ websites when online payments are processed. IPNs automatically update account balances as well as send emails and receipts.

CashSender’s Soapbox provides a live test environment for programmers to fully test their custom designed online payment applications.

For many online sellers, the recession has hit hard and everyone is looking to save money wherever possible. The ability to save just a few percent on a purchase is significant enough to win business over a competitor. That's where CashSender gives you the competitive advantage.

CashSender's innovative online payment system enables online shoppers to get 1-2% cashback with every online payment, while at the same time offering online venders the lowest payment processing fees in the industry. A win-win for everyone!

We hope you will use our new IPN to facilitate payments on your website.

Henry Tenby

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